Welcome to Evidence-Hub.net

Launch an Evidence Hub to help your community pool their collective intelligence.

An Evidence Hub is designed to help your members add their insights where they’ll make the highest impact, and through the use of different visualizations/maps, helps answer questions such as the following:

  • Who in my region is working on this problem?
  • Are there any partnerships between projects in these two areas, on this theme?
  • What are the key challenges we’re facing?
  • Who has potential solutions to these, and what’s the evidence that they work?
  • What evidence-based claims can we make with confidence?
  • What are the most controversial issues?

That’s why in every Hub you’ll find the core building blocks for this kind of collective intelligence: Key Challenges, Issues, Potential Solutions, Research Claims, Evidence, Resources, Organizations, Projects and People. In addition, you define a set of core Themes specific to your interests, which help organise all the ideas, people, projects and organizations.