Part 3

Mapping your community and evidence base

Use the different ways we’ve introduced to add, connect and comment on ideas, resources and projects in the Evidence Hub.

Remember you can use the bookmarklet to annotate resources on the web directly into the Hub — and this includes any tweets, blog posts and forum posts that peers on this open course share if you want to simply capture them, or even better, if you can see how they join up meaningfully.

Consider following people and ideas that interest you, and you’ll get email alerts (set the frequency of alerts on your homepage).

Search and your homepage will help you track everything you have done, and the history bar down the right margin leaves a breadcrumb trail of where you’ve been.

For the LAK13 open course, your time’s your own, but it’s suggested that you do this for at least a week as time permits, until about mid-March, and then move to Part 4