Part 5

Reflecting on the Evidence Hub and its analytics

You may want to start this final part perhaps over the final week of March, once (hopefully!) you’ve had the chance to do some work in the Hub, and there is a critical mass of collective material.

Post some reflections on your experience of the Evidence Hub, and what you’ve learnt.

For instance,

  • What do you think of the Evidence Hub as a collective learning and sensemaking tool — in the context of open courses such as the LAK13 course, or in other educational, or workplace learning, contexts that you are involved in?
  • Do the analytics on your homepage provoke useful reflection?
  • Did you make opportunistic discoveries that surprised you?
  • Does it help to see other users’ analytics, or the global analytics on each tab?
  • There are many views onto the underlying database. Which pages did you find most useful for which tasks?
  • If you are an educator or mentor, can you imagine making use of these to track learners’ progress, or even assess them, formatively or summatively?
  • Which aspects did you find gave a great (or poor) user experience, or pedagogical experience?
  • Will you continue to use the Hub for this course?
  • Would you want a Hub for another community and context?

You each have your own favourite tools for sharing your work, but it will really help if you use not only the course tag #lak13 but #lak13evhub to differentiate this activity stream from the other Analytics Projects.

Please post your thoughts in a blog, or a forum post on the Evidence Hub Google Group.

You can of course bring any posts into the Hub by annotating it with the bookmarklet.

Alternatively, post thoughts directly in the Hub, under the Evidence Hub Analytics theme, and using relevant tags.

Thank you, and of course if you prefer to send feedback privately, that is also most welcome 🙂

Simon Buckingham Shum